How to set up a Gmail account and fix google authorization issues

Here is a Video Tutorial for connecting Gmail with Cardclan.

Check the following settings while setting up a Gmail sender account via SMTP to avoid connectivity issues and allow full Google authorization:

Setting 1: Turn less secure app access On

Setting 2: Set up 2-Step Authentication

Setting 3: Allow access to your Google account

Setting 1: Turn less secure app access On

In your Google account settings, turn the Less secure app access On.

Note that this setting is not available for accounts with enabled 2-Step Verification: such accounts require an application-specific password for less secure app access.

Set up an SMTP account on our platform. In 5 minutes, the set-up should start working as normal.

Setting 2. Set up 2-factor authentication

Two-step authentication is a great way to keep your email account safe and secure. It will also help avoid any blocking for connection attempts by Gmail, which can happen if you do not have this security measure in place!

On the Signing in to Google panel, click on 2-Step Verification. Select Get started.

Follow the steps on the screen. In the Signing in to Google window, add an App password.

Select Other (Custom name), insert and generate the app password.

Save the generated app password – you will need it while setting up an SMTP account.

You’ve set up 2-Step Verification! and an app password

Now, add the email account to our platform as SMTP. Use the generated app password instead of the password of your account for SMTP credentials.

Contact us if you have any questions or issues, or if none of the above solutions worked in your case. We’re happy to help!

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