How to set up a google workspace account in CardClan

2-step authentication adds an extra security layer to your email account and prevents unauthorized access to it.

Setting 1: Allow less secure apps at the admin level

Head over to and click on "Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps".

Setting 2: Allows Less Secure Apps (mailbox level)

Go to and toggle as in the picture below.

Now try connecting your account to CardClan again.

If this doesn't work please follow the instructions below:

Setting 1: In your Google Account, navigate to the Security section. Under Signing in to Google, select 2-Step Verification and click Get started.

2 step verification

Setting 2: Set up your phone number and choose the way you want to receive your security codes. Confirm that it works and turn the 2-step verification On.

Setting 3: Add an App password

An App password is a 16-digit passkey that gives an app permission to access your Google Account. If you use 2-Step Verification and see a “password incorrect” error while trying to access your Google Account, an App password may solve the issue.

  • In your Google Account, select Signing into Google.
  • Click on the App password.
  • Choose Other (Custom name), insert and generate the app password.

Set up 2-Step Authentication

Generate App password

  • Save the generated app password and use it when setting up your SMTP sender account instead of the password to your account for SMTP credentials.

Connect account via SMTP

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