How to set up Cardclan as an action in Zapier

Step 1. Login to Zapier

Make sure you are logged in to your Zapier account

Step 2. Create a zap and set up a trigger

Choose your trigger app. It can be any app of your choice.

You will not find Cardclan in the triggers because it can only be set up as an action.

Step 3. Set up Cardclan as an action

Once you are done setting up triggers go to Actions and search Cardclan.

Choose Cardclan and select Event

Step 4. Connect your Cardclan account

Click Sign in

Enter your API key here.

You can generate your API key here and paste it. Learn how to generate your API key here.

Now your account is connected.

Step 5. Enter your Card ID

You need to create a card first and then paste its id here.

Learn how to create your Card ID here

Once you have entered the Zapier ID. Choose your Sender email account.

Search and Add a Name and Email from your trigger app.

Hit continue and Test your Action.

Then Publish it

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